Where It All Begins

She’s baaaaack – and with a passion project.

For those who have been around for some time, you may remember that I dabbled in (really terrible) blogging back in late high school, early college. In those posts I found a voice and some serious vulnerability, and learned a lot about who I was.

This time is a bit different and with much more meaning; I promise!

If you follow me on social media you might notice something about my life. I’m never home. Let me be clear – I love my home. But at home, I can’t really find what I’m looking for. What am I looking for you might ask?


I’m never home because I am out floating around the country following my favorite people scream-singing my favorite songs with my favorite people. Those are them, up there at the top. The girls who very rarely say no to the crazy ideas I come up with about traveling around the country (or outside of it, but that’s a Song for Another Time) to see people we have seen countless times in concert. I say countless because I really have tried to count but at this point I’ve given up and decided to turn my experiences into stories.

Now these aren’t just stories about the shows – there’s a little bit of that, but it’s more about the feeling. One friend in particular called me a “sentimental little bitch” a couple of months ago while we sat in middle of the Daytona Motor Speedway waiting for Thomas Rhett. But she was right – I feel, heavily. And with feeling comes what I really hope is a line to draw between music and the words and all of us.

There’s a lot more to come – this is only just an introduction to who I am and what I do. Here’s to hoping you’ll stick with me on this journey, maybe learn a thing or two about yourself, and start saying “yes” more to what it is you really want.

By the way, that picture up there was taken on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale after getting down in the sand to some Nelly. (I was the only one getting down in the sand to Nelly).

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