They Don’t Know

Happy Monday!

I’ll admit that this post won’t be as fun as my last two – but can you really top a concert in Wrigley Field? Well – we’re going to try soon but this isn’t that post.

This last weekend I headed over to West Palm again for the Jason Aldean: They Don’t Know tour. There’s one thing I can tell you about the crowd at this concert – they are nuts. And not nuts like know-how-to-have-fun nuts; I’m talking like I’ll-kill-you-for-standing-next-to-me nuts. But let’s go back to where my time with Jason started before we get to this weekend.

The first time I saw him live was at the same Florida Country Superfest I’ve talked about 600 times already. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect because I’ve told you about my whole obsession with words and I didn’t expect much from Jason Aldean. But what you don’t realize when you get to these people’s concerts is what songs actually belong to them. That first concert was one of those experiences. He came out and it was just hit after hit of stuff that I was used to hearing on Pandora, never looking to see who it was. Now that I knew these bangers belonged to Jason Aldean I was in. He brings the party crowd for sure, which again is usually not my style, but he’s an entertainer and I just focused on that. Probably why he’s won Entertainer of the Year at the CMA’s like twice.

I saw him again as a headliner in West Palm Beach two years ago and this was right after my best friend started dating her boyfriend and the first time we brought him to a concert with us. Well, turns out that when you bring significant others they provide you with drinks that we are usually too lazy to get for ourselves during concerts. So when I say we had a blast – I was pretty close to rolling on the ground on the lawn I was dancing so hard. I think we missed the openers (it’s a little blurry) but it was so much fun. If you’ve never sung The Truth at the top of your lungs slightly intoxicated, you haven’t lived.

There may have been a show in between this next one, but he headlined one of the nights at last year’s Country 500 in Daytona. But this is a fun story. So we are hanging out in between performers, I think we had just gotten to the track and we’re just people watching and trying not to sweat to death. The local radio station was up on the stage talking about solo cups signed by Tyler Farr, I just caught the end of what they were saying and then didn’t really think about it. About 3 minutes later, the people that were on the stage were now walking in front of us and I just pointed at them and said “solo cups!” They turned and offered the three of us three solo cups – so that was pretty cool. But want to know what’s even cooler? This couple sitting next to us came up to me and said, “hey, we really love Tyler Farr; we have these Jason Aldean meet and greets – would you be willing to trade?”

I don’t think I need to tell you what we said, but that’s how Sam & I met Jason Aldean.


Now fast forward to this past Saturday. I pulled into the same parking lot we always use which is really fun because our version of tailgating is drinking a tall boy of Mich Ultra and eating dippin’ dots from the gas station down the street while people watching. Seriously, you’re missing out if you’ve never done it. What’s the best is that every concert has a different crowd. So Dierks was kinda chill kinda rowdy; Lady Antebellum was very chill; Sam Hunt was much younger & much more made up than I will ever be; and Jason Aldean was a straight up shit show. I’ve already asked for forgiveness on this one, but I sent a text to Sam, who was on her way to said parking lot with my dippin’ dots, that read, “I can’t wait for you to see the dregs of society that have come out of the literal woods for this concert.”

Now, I know; that’s really harsh and I am also in attendance at this concert and who am I to judge, etc., etc. I know – I told you I already apologized. But like, people are VERY interesting in their choices of outfits (see-through leggings, belly shirts exposing said belly) and choices of activities (beer pong with warm twisted teas). It’s just a lot to take in and here I am in my American Eagle jeans and Express tank top like, “hey guys; do you know where I can get the cup that has the pink cowboy hat on top!?” Don’t worry – we found it.

Then you fast forward to the concert and people are just terrible people in general, but more so when they’ve been drinking. And this is really the first concert I’ve watched people be so rude. You have the normal groups trying to push their way to the front…of the lawn..and others who were yelling at the people working just doing their job. This crowd was a doozy – but the show was great.

Kane Brown was the first opener; we’ve talked about him and I really don’t have anything else to say..sorry Kane.

But Chris Young was the second opener and I can get down to some Chris Young. I’ve only seen him one other time, but he headlined down here in Fort Myers two years ago on Valentine’s Day and I went on a cute date with a couple of girls…who missed the entire concert. But if you’re looking for proof that I get down at concerts no matter if I’m alone or not – one my friends texted me saying, “I see you dancing by yourself girrrrl.” No shame – thanks Alyssa.

He’s another one with songs you don’t know are his until he starts playing and you know every word and you’re like oh heeeey Chris Young I see you. He’s a lot of fun and likes to get the crowd involved which is important for me, too.

Then we had good ol’ Jason and it was just as good as every other show. He tells you up front that he’s not really a talker and will just sing songs rather than make small talk. I can hang with that. He also knows the parts of his songs that you know you sing the loudest when you’re in the car by yourself and lets you do just that when he plays them live. I can appreciate that. And yes, I did get to scream-sing The Truth again, just this time much less intoxicated since I had to drive back home after the show.

Moral of this post – be nice to other people. If you feel the need to judge, which I do because I am not a perfect human being, just do it silently and ask for forgiveness later. Don’t yell at people for doing their job. Don’t show up late to a concert and expect to get a good spot/don’t steal a good spot from someone who did show up early. And know how to navigate a parking lot. If you see all cars going one direction to get out – go the opposite direction. I promise you it works every time and I snuck out of this crowded parking lot in less than 10 minutes.

Thanks for reading; we have a break until my next adventure but stay tuned I’m going to come up with something fun for next week!

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