Top Concert Countdown – #5

I have a bit of a lull between now and my next concert – so I’ve been thinking about cool ways to keep ya’ll involved in this crazy life I’m living. How about a countdown of the top 5 concerts (or events) I’ve been lucky enough to go to? What you won’t find on this list are stories I’ve already told – even though I might consider them top 5. Because again – to say that FGL/BSB in Chicago is not top 5 would just be me lying to you.

Let the countdown begin with lucky number five: Old Dominion at Runaway Country.

Last year, a new festival popped up in central Florida that was going to have a ton of really cool people – Thomas Rhett, Kenny Chesney, and the group of guys I’m basing this post on; Old Dominion.

Back then, the only thing we knew about OD was Break Up With Him and a little bit of Snapback. I remember where I was when Sam sent me a text that said, “yo – go get Meat & Candy, it’s a game changer.” And what do you know – she was right. It was a different spin on country music with plenty of songs with catchy tunes and the perfect mix of wordplay to make it seem intelligent, which it was. I listened to that thing on repeat for months before going to this concert, knowing only that they had some really catchy songs.

The morning we were driving up, before we left the house I pulled a classic Gina YOLO and bought us pit passes for Old Dominions performance. This is one of those shows where you don’t get pit tickets for the whole concert, you just pay a certain amount (depending on popularity of the artist) to be up by the stage only for that act. I have never been more pleased with myself for a last minute decision – their performance was absolutely amazing.

This group of guys is so engaging, into their music, and dedicated to putting on the performance of a lifetime every time they get on stage that you can’t help but fall in love. When we walked out of the pit I wasn’t even excited anymore for the headliner, I just wanted Old Dominion to keep playing forever and ever because it was just THAT GOOD.

But do you want to know the worst part? It’s like people are STILL sleeping on them. I say this because last November, Sam & I went to a different music festival that was kind of awful, but Thomas Rhett headlined and OD played the next day – at 3:30pm. The lineup on that second day was pretty worthless other than Old Dominion, and we literally only went to that day of the festival to see them before driving home. Putting OD on at 3:30 in the afternoon is legitimately the equivalent of putting Baby in the corner and I’m here to be Patrick Swayze. Like – stop doing that. The petty part of me doesn’t want that to change because tickets are cheaper and we get to be closer to them, but the larger part of me wants them to be recognized for how incredible they are.

I know it’s coming – their new album drops FRIDAY; it’s called Happy Endings because they are hilarious and I love them; and I’m already obsessed with every song they’ve released early. Here’s another plug – if you don’t have Apple Music you should probably just pay the $10/month to get it and get every single early release of every album ever. It’s basically New Music Friday every week and it’s what I live for.

I will say – Tortuga 2016 they were supposed to play the first day (at 5pm, still a shitty slot…) and got rained out. Then, because they are amazing and all sorts of perfect, they did a pop-up performance at Bahia Mar for whoever could get in the door. Unfortunately that wasn’t me – but did I mention that they were perfect? They actually got on stage at Tortuga 2017 and I felt the same way I did the first time – I just didn’t want the performance to end.

Long story short – Old Dominion is top five because they are incredible performers, incredible people, and make amazing music. GO PREORDER THEIR ALBUM RIGHT NOW (whenever you read this).




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