Top Concert Countdown – #3

I’m about to throw ya’ll for a loop with #3.

November 2nd, 2011. I was 19 years old, living in New York City, completely and totally lost in life. I didn’t know it at the time, so that’s the plus. But thinking about where I am now in my life it’s almost laughable how much of a mess I was back then. But that’s neither here nor there – this post about a concert that, until recently (see posts #2 and #1) was the absolute best concert of my life. You’ll see that I don’t have a single picture or video from the night, and outside of this really annoying Facebook post, nothing to look back on and remind me of it other than my memories. As I write this, though, I’ve started shuffling through all of their songs on iTunes to put me back in that place. Other people have videos (below) that when I watched them before I started writing this put me right back in that place.

So who is it? Yellowcard, obviously.


Wait – Yellowcard is NOT my style, you say. Well, you’re wrong. My music taste is actually really weird and I can get down to pretty much anything, I’m just choosey when it comes to who I’ll pay money to see. I’ve seen Journey & The Doobie Brothers, okay? Point being, I like to switch it up sometimes; therefore, Yellowcard.

Now we all grew up, seemingly being born knowing the words to Ocean Avenue, but it wasn’t until the Paper Walls album came out that I really fell in love. I was an angsty pre-teen and there is one vivid memory that I have of making my parents take me to a Jesse McCartney concert (YUP) at Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven and I rocked out in the backseat on the way there to my Yellowcard CD on my CD player. I’m really trying to help you imagine what it was like being me growing up, hopefully this is working – it was a disaster.

So fast forward to my college years and I still never let go of Yellowcard. They did a cover of Don’t You Forget About Me at the MTV Movie Awards for the 20th anniversary of The Breakfast Club when I was in high school and I probably played that song on repeat for months. So that carried me into college. Then they released When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes and all of the songs were so clever and catchy that I in turn listened to THAT on repeat, but don’t worry we had moved onto iPhones by this time so the CD player was laid to rest. RIP.

My sophomore year at NYU, I actually lived directly across the street from a really cool concert venue, Irving Plaza. I found out that Yellowcard was coming and even if I had to go alone, I was going. I did and I was essentially alone; my friend was a crowd mosher and I certainly am not, so I stood up at the top of the venue and rocked OUT to some Yellowcard all by myself. I couldn’t tell you what it was about that show or that night or that music but I walked out of the venue into NYC fall weather and I was electric. It might have had a lot to do with the fact that I was a lost soul during that time and when you’re so trapped in a moment you don’t feel anything else. There’s not a lot to say about this one because it’s really hard for me to articulate just how that experience made me feel, but I’m hoping you’ll watch these live performances below and see what I’m talking about.

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