You Took All My Secrets With You

Well, I thought I was done and usually what that means is I’m probably pretty far from done. But today, I’ll tell you a story.

A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and caught a video of Danielle Bradbery singing an acoustic version of this really great song, promoting its release in a couple of days. Essentially, when I heard that song, I died. Something about it just ripped riiiiight through me. So when it came out on that Friday, I got it, along with the 3 other songs that are out off of her upcoming album. Since then, I have been listening to these 4 songs on repeat, just letting them kill me over and over and over again. They’re so good that I’ve been telling other people to go get them, because I need other people to #RIP with me. So that’s that.

On Sunday night, I got a text from one of my friends asking if I wanted to go to the local concert venue on Wednesday to see…Danielle Bradbery. First of all, week nights are typically off limits because I’m old and I don’t have the stamina to be up past my bedtime. But I feel like the universe reached out to me on this one.

If you follow me on social media (which is probably how you got here, so haaay) you know that last week I posted something about being a better person for the sake of sanity. Well, in all honesty, since then even with consciously choosing to be a better person in all situations, I still am struggling with some anxiety. Some days are better than others, obviously, but most days it just kind of sits there to remind me that something inconsequential is trying to rule my life. Yesterday was one of those days, big time. Usually when I feel like that, I shut down and hide in my room for a while until I think I can face the world again; but yesterday, I did the opposite.

So I went, and it really was important to feel that music I’ve been obsessing over for a couple of weeks now, but more importantly to hear her talk about writing these songs and what each of them meant to her. Typically when you’re at a bigger venue, you just get a show and of course the music still goes right through you, but sometimes it can be lacking. Here, I was standing maybe 5 feet from this raw & emotional person not only singing their stories, but talking about the process of putting them together or choosing what they feel is important for the world to hear. Oh and come to find out Thomas Rhett wrote what is one of my favorite of her new songs – not surprised.

Carly Pearce was there, too, so as not to minimize her impact – I just was much more connected to something else. But she did much the same thing; talked about how her songs came to be and the boys who broke her heart, she wrote about, then climbed the Billboard charts with her story. That’s why writers write, in case you didn’t know. That song is climbing the charts because of everyone out there who has felt that way before, has sat in their room crying about not being good enough for some loser, and turned music into a rally cry versus just some beats strung together with no purpose. We write to connect, and I hope this helps.

Okay now go listen to some Danielle Bradbery and get WRECKED.